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Fitness Assessments & Training

Whether you are looking to start a new workout routine, an avid exerciser, or do not know where to begin – we have a solution for you.  We offer a wide array of fitness assessments to let an individual know where they are and to help the individual monitor progress.  Our staff can use these assessments to design a specific workout program to meet the individual’s goals.  This is a great way to learn how to work out safely and effectively in a 1 on 1 training format.  All these services are included in your membership cost.



Group Fitness

Group Fitness is a great platform for individuals to stay active.  They offer a motivating team atmosphere, and can help keep your workout new and fresh.  At the Wellness Center we offer a wide variety of classes and class formats – all taught by certified instructors.  There is no registration for classes on the schedule, and the classes are included in your membership cost.

Group Fitness Classes @ the AWC are TBD.

The Honda Wellness Center is bringing Group Exercise to you virtually!

No equipment needed.

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Fit Start

The Fit Start program is an opportunity for members, ages 13-15, to utilize the weight room at the Honda Wellness Centers before they turn 16.  A participant must complete the following components to complete the Fit Start Program:


Fitness Programs

At the Wellness Center we offer different programming throughout the year to meet the needs of our members.

Fitness Rules & Regulations

To ensure all participants a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, we ask that all members familiarize and abide by the following rules and regulations when in the weight room.

  1. Proper workout attire must be worn at all times including shirt and shoes. Open-toed sandals, dress shoes and work boots are not permitted to be worn in the weight room and/or while using aerobic equipment.
  2. Members under the age of 16 are not permitted in the weight room unless they have completed the Fit Start program. (Link Fit Start program to Fit Start webpage)
  3. Members are responsible for replacing all equipment after each use.
  4. After using any of the equipment, clean all machines using the spray bottle or cleaning wipes provided by the facility.
  5. Televisions and radio stations are on an approved list set by management.
  6. Absolutely NO OUTSIDE SERVICES including Personal Training.
  7. Decisions made by the fitness staff are final.
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