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No time to prepare meals? Regularly skip meals? Eat out frequently? On-the-go all the time?


4-Week Nutrition Program. Participants receive a self-guided program manual & regular communication with a Registered Dietitian. No on-site classes!  Learn tips & tools to help healthy eating become a reality even when busy! Weekly Prizes & Grand Prize Giveaways!

Cost is FREE  Members, $5.00  Non-Members

Nutrition Consultations

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Registered Dietitian at one of the Honda Wellness Centers. The dietitian can provide you with individual-based nutrition information, educational material, meal planning, recipe ideas and more.

Consults typically last about 45 minutes to an hour and follow-up visits are also available to help you focus on maintaining your goals and monitoring your progress.

Fill out the Consultation Form and turn it in at the wellness center, or fill one out at the wellness center!

BodyGem Metabolic Testing

Your metabolism is compromised of resting metabolic rate (RMR), the number of calories your body burns each day with little or no activity, and your lifestyle. Your RMR makes up the largest (approximately 65-75%) of your total metabolism.

The BodyGem test provides a precise measurement of your RMR in just 10 minutes or less. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, build strength, or just understand your daily calorie needs, this test can help you plan and reach your personal health goals.

The cost to complete the test and receive a full assessment of your results with a Registered Dietitian is $17 + tax.

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