We will be implementing the following changes:


The following pool hours will begin July 6, 2021

We are asking members to continue following these safety strategies:


On Monday March 14th, the Honda Wellness Center will be implemented the updated mask protocol. This protocol will be subject to change on a weekly or as needed basis, and proper signage with current status will be on the entry doors. Each facility will follow the status of the local plant/area. 
Please note that Honda remains committed to reducing the risk of person-to-person spread of the COVID-19 virus in the work environment. Although we are announcing a change to our mask guidelines that will take effect March 14, Honda’s COVID-19 guidelines remain in effect to ensure a safe and healthy environment, including social distancing, staying home if feeling sick, etc.
Please see below for each color correspondence.

If you have Covid – 19 symptoms, STOP, Do not enter the building. Contact Honda’s Covid – 19 Helpline (1-877-809-0051) or your HR/Medical Team