The Wellness Centers are Re-Open!


The Honda Wellness Centers are Currently Open to Honda Associates (Including Onsite Contingent and Contractors). Due to Honda’s restriction to non-essential visitors in Honda facilities, spouses, dependents and retirees will not be permitted at the Honda Wellness Centers at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience.


Wellness Center Hours

In order to provide the safest environment for our members  which includes thorough cleaning of all surfaces during operating hours, we will operate with modified hours at this time. Our hours of operation will be 5 a.m. – 10 p.m. (WWC & AWC); 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ELP).  No weekends.

Face Masks

Members will be required to wear face coverings all times in the facility. Members will need to bring their own face mask, the Wellness Centers will not provide any masks.

Fever Screening

Members will be required to have body temperatures taken prior to entering the Watson Wellness Center. Per CDC guidelines, individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will be not be permitted entry into the Wellness Center.

Limited Wellness Center Capacity

In order to meet the social distancing guidelines, we will be limiting the number of members in the Wellness Center at any given time. We are asking members to limit workouts to 60 minutes. This will allow others to use the facility while we are operating under reduced capacity.

Services & Amenities Closed/Suspended

During the initial reopening period, the following will be closed: showers, saunas and whirlpools. Personal Training, Sports Leagues, Recreational activities and Group Fitness will also remain suspended until further notice.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms can be used, but use of showers and the sauna is prohibited. We will blocking off locker to allow for social distancing.  Disinfectant cleaner will also be made available in the locker rooms.  We ask that you wipe out the locker after you use it.

Cardio & Strength Floor Etiquette

To facilitate social distancing, we will reduce equipment available for use. Select equipment will be unplugged and clearly marked to facilitate physical distancing. 30-minute time limits may be imposed on cardio equipment during peak hours, if necessary. Use one piece of equipment at a time, no supersetting/ no spotting. Please remember to wipe down equipment before and after use.

Locker Room Etiquette

Available lockers will be clearly marked to maintain social distancing. Disinfectant cleaner will be made available for members to wipe out the locker after use.

Front Desk Etiquette

Fever screenings and hand sanitizer use will be required prior to entering the facility. Please use your badge to scan-in. New Plexiglass barriers will provide a protective shield between members and the staff to allow for safe and seamless member entry into the building. To minimize contact, members will be asked to use their credit card for all transactions.



Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols

In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we will add a deep-cleaning and disinfecting process several times during the day. Designated areas of the Wellness Centers will be sectioned off during the day to facilitate the deep cleaning.

Medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants which are designated effective against the COVID-19 virus will be used for all continuous and deep-cleaning processes.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the Wellness Center and frequently throughout their visit. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout the facility.

Disinfectant Wipes Stations

Members will be asked to use disinfectant wipes on equipment before and after use in addition to the Wellness Center’s cleaning protocols. Disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the facility.

Signage & Floor Markers

So members can give each other enough space, social distancing cues will be marked in the gymnasium, hallways, locker rooms, and in the strength and cardio floors. Physical distancing signs will show how to travel through-out the facility as well as which equipment is available for use. Signs will be placed throughout the strength floor to remind members to wipe down equipment before and after use and to practice social distancing.

Facility Announcements

Pre-recorded announcements will be heard throughout our operating hours to remind members to adhere to social distancing, wiping down equipment and to “Do the Five & Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19”.