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It's never too early to begin preparing for retirement. Get started by connecting to your HAM Retirement Benefits, resources, and tools today! To request a retirement packet or to estimate your pension, visit For assistance on your retirement medical and benefits questions, contact Quantum at 1-866-778-5885, option 1. If you would like to make changes to your deferral elections, investment options, or beneficiary information, contact Fidelity at 1-800-835-5095.

HAM Retirement Information Sessions



2019 Retirement Schedule
Print Schedule
ELP - Liberty Hall6/3/193:30 PM
HSO - Acura Hall6/10/194:30 PM
AEP- Auditorium6/12/194:15 PM
MAP - Auditorium6/13/193:15 PM
AEP - Auditorium6/17/1912:30 PM
MAP -Auditorium6/27/197:15 AM
HSO - Acura Hall7/10/1912:30 PM
ELP - Liberty Hall7/16/197:15 AM
AEP - Auditorium7/17/1912:30 PM
MAP - Auditorium7/25/194:15 PM
ELP - Liberty Hall8/6/193:15 PM
AEP - Auditorium8/21/197:15 AM
MAP - Auditorium8/22/193:15 PM
HSO - Acura Hall8/26/194:45 PM
AEP - Auditorium8/27/193:15 PM
ELP - Liberty Hall9/9/193:30 PM
AEP - Auditorium9/18/194:15 PM
HOO - Honda Hall9/19/197:15 AM
HSO - Acura Hall9/24/1912:45 PM
AEP - Auditorium10/2/197:15 AM
HSO Acura Hall10/9/194:45 PM
MAP - Auditorium10/10/193:15 PM
ELP - Liberty Hall10/15.197:15 AM
AEP Auditorium10/24/193:15 PM
AEP - Auditorium11/6/1912:30 PM
ELP - Liberty Hall11/12/193:30 PM
HSO - Acura Hall11/18/194:30 PM
MAP Audutorium11/21/197:15 AM
ELP - Liberty Hall12/3/193:15 PM
MAP - Auditorium12/5/194:15 PM
AEP - Auditorium12/11/194:15 PM