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Retirement Ready
It's never too early to begin preparing for retirement. Get started by connecting to your HAM Retirement Benefits, resources, and tools today! To request a retirement packet or to estimate your pension, visit For assistance on your retirement medical and benefits questions, contact Quantum at 1-866-778-5885, option 1.

Prevention Intervention Team (PIT)

A team of specialists working line-side directly supporting manufacturing associates.

Injury Prevention | Fitness Education | Health & Wellness Education


Our associates are passionate about supporting their local communities, helping those in need and preserving the environment for future generations.

HondaGO is composed of three pillars, Volunteer – Give – Active, all which represent a personal investment on behalf of our associates who willingly give their time, money and sweat for the causes that matter the most to them.

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Wellbeing Ambassador Network

The Wellbeing Ambassador Network is a group of associates representing key stakeholders who come together in the spirit of a collective perspective in order to create a win-win wellness journey for HAM.

A Wellbeing Ambassador is an associate who strives to live a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to take steps towards their optimal wellbeing.

Want to become a Wellbeing Ambassador?