Wellness Centers

Programs, Events and More


Connect to Your Wellbeing is committed to delivering informative, fun and healthy programming to our associates and their family members.   Many of these programs/events are offered onsite while others are available throughout our communities.  Below is a table of the more popular programs/events offered through Connect to Your Wellbeing.  If you are looking for a specific wellness center activity not listed below, please click here for a complete listing of activities.


National Health Awareness CampaignTargeted activities in support of National Health Awareness Campaigns such as The Great American Smokeout.See HNN messaging and posters for more detailed information
Speaker SeriesHAM is proud to partner with our medical community to bring you dynamic presentations on cutting edge information, emerging treatments and integrative approaches to health. Each program cycle the Connect to Your Wellbeing team will offer one (1) hour presentations at various plant locations and times.
Wellness Expo'sOne of HAM’s signature events held at our Plants. Learn more about your health, our benefit providers and community partners.See HNN messaging and preshift for more detailed information

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