Healthcare Plan

HAM’s Healthcare Plans


The “Active” healthcare plan is provided to associates and spouses who are actively caring for their health and are successfully updating their PWA and completing Passports to Wellness activities.


The “Passive” healthcare plan is available to associates and families who choose not to take advantage of the health and wellness resources provided by HAM.


Please reference the below chart for Active and Passive plan design.


Active & Passive Healthcare Plans

Benefit Provision Active
Healthcare Plan
Effective 01/01/2015
Healthcare Plan
Effective 01/01/2015
Associate Weekly Premium
Assoc + Child(ren)$0$0
Assoc + Spouse$0$0
Assoc + Family$0$0
Health Fund Amount (paid by HAM)
Associate + Child(ren)$2,000$1,000
Associate + Spouse$2,000$1,000
Associate + Family$3,000$1,500
Deductible (paid by associate)
Associate Only$300$450
Associate + Child(ren)$500$750
Associate + Spouse$650$975
Associate + Family$800$1200
Total Out-of-Pocket Max – includes deductible (paid by associate)
In NetworkNon-NetworkIn NetworkNon-Network
Associate Only$1,100$2,200$1,650$3,300
Associate + Child(ren)$1,875$3,750$2,800$5,600
Associate + Spouse$2,200$4,400$3,300$6,600
Associate + Family$3,025$6,050$4,550$9,075
Preventive CareNot deducted from Health Fund
• 100% coverage
Not deducted from Health Fund
• 100% coverage
Physician ServicesAfter DeductibleAfter Deductible
In NetworkNon-NetworkNon-NetworkNon-Network
Office Visit – Primary Care90%70%80%60%
Office Visit – Specialist90%70%80%60%
Outpatient Surgery90%70%80%60%
Lab and X-Ray90%70%80%60%
Inpatient Hospital90%70%80%60%
Emergency Care90% if true Emergency;
50% if Non-Emergency
80% if true Emergency;
50% if Non-Emergency
Prescription Drug Co-Pays
Retail (30 day supply)
Preferred Brand25%- $10 Minimum/$50 Maximum35%- $25 Minimum/$60 Maximum
Non-Preferred Brand25%- $30 Minimum/$75 Maximum35%- $50 Minimum/$85 Maximum
Mail Order (90 day supply)
Preferred Brand25%- $20 Minimum/$100 Maximum35%- $50 Minimum/$120 Maximum
Non-Preferred Brand25%- $60 Minimum/$150 Maximum35%- $100 Minimum/$160 Maximum

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