Investing in Health Together

In 2006, Honda ofAmerica, Mfg., Inc. (HAM) introduced Connect to Your Wellbeing.  HAM has always supported and encouraged healthy lifestyles through wellness centers, preventive screenings and health fairs.  The Connect to Your Wellbeing  Program builds on this foundation.


Connect to Your Wellbeing is a voluntary program that offers tools to help you assess your current health and develop a plan for improvements.  Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape or manage a chronic health condition, Connect to Your Wellbeing can put you on the right path to achieving your goals.


The goal of Connect to Your Wellbeing is not to categorize people by their lifestyles or their risk factors.  Instead, it is to encourage you and your family to care for you health by providing the tools and resources needed to make healthy choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.


The Nuts and Bolts:

The program cycle begins on September 1 and concludes on August 15.  During the program cycle, Associates and Spouses have the opportunity to complete their Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA) as well as Passports to Wellness activities.  If both associate and spouse (if applicable) successfully complete both, they are eligible for the Active Healthcare plan (for the following benefit year).

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